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Product Make Rating
Iron Man Mark III figure Hot Toys 5
Cave Troll legendary scale bust * Sideshow Collectibles 3.5
Frodo Baggins premium format * Sideshow Collectibles 3.5
Lurtz premium format * Sideshow Collectibles 4.5
Elvis premium format Sideshow Collectibles 3
Predator diorama Sideshow Collectibles 4.5
Aragorn bust Sideshow Weta 4
Arwen Sideshow Weta 3.5
Attack Troll maquette Sideshow Weta 2.5
Balrog, Flame of Udûn * Sideshow Weta 3
Battle Troll * Sideshow Weta 4
Berserker Sideshow Weta 4.5
Elendil bust Sideshow Weta 5
Elessar Sideshow Weta 4
Elrond Sideshow Weta 5
Gandalf the White on Shadowfax Sideshow Weta 4.5
Gondorian Helm Collection Sideshow Weta 5
Gothmog on Warg * Sideshow Weta 4
Grima Wormtongue Sideshow Weta 4
Lurtz Sideshow Weta 3.5
Numenorean Infantryman bust Sideshow Weta 4
Minas Morgul environment Sideshow Weta 3.5
Minas Tirith environment Sideshow Weta 4
Morgul Lord Sideshow Weta 3.5
Mûmak of Harad * Sideshow Weta 3.5
Saruman the White Sideshow Weta 5
Theoden Sideshow Weta 5
Theoden bust Sideshow Weta 4.5
Kong and Ann bust Weta Collectibles coming soon
SDCC Goliathon 83 Miniature Weta Collectibles 4
Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory Weta Collectibles 4
Superman Returns: Daily Planet Weta Collectibles coming soon
Superman Returns: Fallen Hero Weta Collectibles coming soon
Frodo / Sam in Orc armor busts Gentle Giant 3.5
300 SDCC Immortal Mask NECA 3.5
Bioshock Big Daddy Statue Video Games 3
Bioshock Art Book Video Games 3.5
Gears of War 2 Lancer Video Games 3
Grand Theft Auto 4 CE Video Games 4
Indiana Jones 4 Gold Coin Video Games 1.5

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