Spooktacular 2011

Another year, another Spooktacular. As usual, Sideshow seems to have given an obscene amount of swag to its eager participants, and used the opportunity to announce a slew of new products. LOTR fans were thrown a bone with the Ringwraith maquette, and the lack of other announcement comes as little surprise. The 2011 event was definitely Star Wars-centric with not only the Grand Moff Tarkin PF, Asajj Ventress life-size bust, and Holiday Yoda figure (based on a Ralph McQuarrie Christmas card from 1981), but also an insane life-size Darth Malgus statue from Bioware’s Old Republic (SWTOR) video game. Really?

Other notables include a Batman 1:1 bust, Colossus premium format, yet another Predator statue, Angel (Buffy) maquette, and a set of Alien busts.

Did you win anything?

Sideshow Ringwraith maquette
Sideshow Buffy Angel PF
Sideshow Predator statue
Sideshow Grand Moff Tarkin PF
Sideshow Holiday Yoda figure
Sideshow Asajj Ventress life-size bust
Sideshow Alien busts
Sideshow Colossus PF
Sideshow Batman life-size bust

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