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Up for pre-order today, Sideshow’s Snow Troll statue from The Lord of the Rings: War in the North video game. Indicating the wintery northern climes, the troll is decked out with various animal hides and bones whilst dwarf lord Gimli is caught in his grasp, all on top of a snowy base. Other than that, it looks remarkably similar to the original Weta Cave Troll.

Nevertheless, this slightly odd one-off (unless more LOTR: WOTN statues are to be announced) sculpted with great detail by Andy Bergholtz has plenty of people excited, despite not being from the films. And the price is also favorable, being not much more than its predecessor from years ago at $325.

Of course, we have high resolution Comic-Con 2011 photos for you posted on our forum and in our gallery. Decide if this beast is for you.

ES: TBD | Price: $324.99

High resolution Comic-Con pics posted in our forum! Click through!

Sideshow LOTR Snow Troll SDCC pics

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  1. Harry lo emplea en Ron para averiguar sus efectos, y muchos años antes, fue aplicado por James Potter en Severus Snape.

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