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Board Name Total posts Total members Average Focus Growth (%) Admin
Statue Forum 2377201 14138 168 Comic 98 d rod
Sideshow Freaks 1836145 6143 286 Sideshow 275 Darklord Dave
The Shadow and Flame 307664 554 555 Weta, Sideshow 45 Charles Song
Gentle Giant Collectors 261168 5221 50 GG 112 yoda027
Statue Marvels 136901 1062 129 Comic N/A HoldyourfireAl
Onesixthwarriors 855860 13233 65 Figures N/A ?
Rebelscum 5061159 21782 232 SW 31 Philip Wise
TFW2005 3057119 43322 71 Transformers N/A ?
The Hunter's Lair 144949 3895 37 Predator N/A Faken
Chocolate by Death 10675 31 344 Cinemaquette N/A Lars
Sandtroopers 242910 2710 90 SW 75 Darth Spice

Compare with our last BOTB! (Aug. 2007)

Most posts and members
[Update]: P. Wise was kind enough to provide us with the stats himself- no more question marks! In light of this, you may find it interesting that RS no longer holds the member record, which now goes to newcomer TFW2005.
You’ll notice that the a couple of stats for Rebelscum are in bold blue, and you’ll notice that they are in question marks. How is this possible?

Firstly they are question marks because there are no stats to be easily found on the index. However, even using our numbers for their forum from two years ago, they’d still win in those categories. That’s why.

As always, any help in providing numbers for our ? stats is appreciated.

Clearly excelling over the others, Sideshow Freaks has experienced explosive growth at 275%. In case you’re wondering of course, “Growth” is calculated based on the increase in the number of posts since August, 2007.

Average is calculated by dividing the total number of posts by the number of members, providing an indication of participation per individual. As with the 2007 BOTB, we (The Shadow and Flame) take this one with pride.

So long, farewell:
These are boards that have been removed from the table since the last BOTB, considering their inactivity.
Parenthesis indicate number of new posts in this two year time frame.
Yodas News (14696)
Wetaholics (1640)
Lordoftheringsguide (4406)

And’s board was removed– as the only board done by the company themselves, it just didn’t really fit.

In place of these boards, The Hunter’s Lair, Statue Marvels, Chocolate by Death, and Onesixthwarriors (OSW) were added.

And there you have it folks. The economy sucks, but there are still a heck of a lot of people talking about collectibles online.

As always, here are links to all the fine boards discussed. Give them a visit!
The Shadow and Flame
Statue Forum
Gentle Giant Collectors
Lord of the Rings Guide
Statue Marvels
The Hunter’s Lair
Chocolate by Death
Yoda’s News

(Oh my! Rebelscum maintains lead and nears 300 votes! GGC pulls comfortably into third!)

Get your last votes in folks! Poll closes at the end of August. Thanks to everyone who participated.


60 Responses to “Battle of the Boards V. 2”
  1. SusiesMatt says:

    Apparently one of the three ‘scummers who doesn’t like GGC can’t use his real name, though it doesn’t take much thought to figure out who it is…I’m lookin’ at you GentleGiantCollector…talk about lame…the only time you are edited is when you get personal about someone on the site that THEY OWN after you’ve been repeatedly asked not to do so. We are all board members on any number of various sites, so help me out here people. When you have a problem with someone do you just act like a jerk all the time and call them out in public? Or do you send them a PM? I think we all damn well know the answer to that. Why don’t you start harassing PW for selling his PROMOs to a bunch of kool-aid drinkers who thank him for the opportunity to buy from him what he got for free? Let’s see how quickly your posts get edited or deleted.

    And you don’t really make a valid point here, every single board has OT sections that see just as much (if not more) action as every other section. I mean really, SSF’s video game section could be it’s own board for crying out loud, but I don’t hear you crying about that. And for the record, half of the posts in the GG section of ‘scum could be considered post padding, since it’s pretty much the same five people talking day in and day out wishing each other a Happy Birthday or talking about who’s next to reach Emperor status. Anyone ever heard the old adage about the pot and the kettle?

    Not like I have to say it, but GGC is my favorite site by a mile, and the only site I post on.

    And I know something you don’t know….;P

  2. Turbowars says:

    Susiesmatt, don’t blame the small but vocal group of us that hates GGC. We are just jealous. Now, please excuse me while I go post pad at Rebelscum in Wuher’s Cantina. Maybe my hero Mr. Wise will give us an update on how many thousands of Renz busts he still has in his garage. Or how much he made off of his sale of the Promos GG gave him for free. Turbo OUT!

  3. Jon says:

    What’s really funny about this is the suggestion that posting about toys or statues to a message board gives one “credibility” that can be “taken away” in the first place. We have geeky hobbies, and we go online to share ideas about them with other collectors. Anyone who takes that seriously enough to start talking about “credibility” needs to back away from the keyboard and go outside once in a while.

  4. SusiesMatt says:

    Great post Jon, but I fear it will fall on deaf ears. The “we’re grown men talking about collectibles” argument has been brought up before, but certain panties remain in a bunch.

  5. jkno says:

    I’m member on 6 of the above listed though my heart remains with Rebelscum, since I’ve been a member there since 2001, and got many friends on that forum, I have some good experiences on the others as well. There are always good or bad apples everywhere, bullies and people who like fights but overall these forums help us connect as collectors. I wouldn’t have my collection without these forums, I wouldn’t have my experience in collecting without these forums.

  6. StevenA says:

    Well said jkno. I am also a member at 4 of the 6 here and they all play a vital role in my collecting experience. Since I mostly collect GG and Sideshow, I have had to go with GGC first but if I could vote again it would be for the freaks. I think all the sites have the jerks and the good guys, I just avoid the jerks. I do like the freebies at GGC but I have yet to win one, I was in the top 40 for the SDCC but didn’t win. Thanks Charles. Nice to see GGC jump into 3rd as well!

  7. Daywalker says:

    My loyalties firmly lie with GGC – since I have been with GGC for a good few years now, and my collection basically consists of 95% GG pieces, and also enjoy the banter as well as the serious and informative discussions on my favourite GG Pieces past and present with the core collectors, I have also managed to build some good links with overseas collectors, so there is a strong and useful trade link for me there.

    However I very happily switch to Rebel scum and statue forum now and then, kind of just pop my head in and also enjoy the discussions in there, why not..!? the more thoughts and opinions, alternative pics etc of all things GG then so be it.! its a win win situation, not really one for politics, kind of glad VS showed up and put a halt to the bickering – I truly think it gets a bit silly if we are fighting over who writes in the best forum, one of the main reasons people come on such sites is to get Info, The purpose of this Battle slightly bemuses me – can you not just check the numbers that visit and people that post – if you really want to see whats the most popular.

    However more importantly everyone will enjoy their particular forums for various and personal reasons, its not really a proper and true reflection of what one is best, because the best one is the one that Suits YOU.!! and mine is GGC for reasons already stated, and for someone else it would quite easily be the others for the reasons they state..!? thats the botton line is it not..!? sorry if I miss the point with such a contest, feel free to enlighten me tho – lol.

  8. Once again, I want to thank everyone for the positive comments concerning Statue Marvels! As many of you know, it’s very Bowen Designs intensive, as BD is the main company that I collect. That being said, we welcome ALL the statue & toy companies. In fact, we are looking for the “HoldyourfireAl” of Sideshow Collectibles! If you are passionate about Sideshow, we’d love to have you! Please read this thread…

    We basically want someone to maintain & promote their love of Sideshow as I do Bowen!



  9. SusiesMatt says:

    I just wanted to post one more fact to Mr. GentleGiantCollector in reference to off topic chat. If you look at the “Neighborhood Pub” on GGC (which is our off topic, “just have fun” section) we have a total of 1,324 threads, and 58,980 posts.

    If you would be so kind as to take a look at “Wuher’s Cantina” on Rebelscum, there is a total of 34,197 threads and 915,397 posts.

    So, GentleGiantCollector, would you still like to discuss post padding and credibility? Lame indeed…

    SusiesMatt FTW.

  10. Above&Beyond says:

    @SusiesMatt , you have your letters mixed up – WTF is more appropriate.

    More threads and posts at Rebelscum’s “Wuher’s Cantina” is simply a matter of the longevity of the site. It has been around much longer than GGC. It is as simple as that! In addition, there are no mindless “word association” type threads at Rebelscum. Usually it is long established members discussing movies, music, current events, that kind of jazz.

    The silly comparison of a site that solely, for the most part, aims at a target product to a monster site like Rebelscum is humorous. To take it a step further, a quick glance shows the most users online at one time at the entire GGC site is in the 40′s. Now narrow that all the way down to the tiny single section at Rebelscum. Take a day for instance when the Republic Commandos went up. Over 125+ people were around that thread. I believe folks enjoy the easy navigation of Rebelscum.

    The development of the GG section within Yodasnews would have been the smart direction for yoda027. Keep it focused, in one tidy spot. Not the saturated mess that GGC is. I understand the desire to encompass all of Gentle Giant’s products, but how many discussions happen outside of Star Wars and I’ll be nice and toss in Harry Potter too?