Or maybe you do. Especially if you work for Blizzard.

A recent Ebay listing advertising a “Sideshow World of Warcraft Orc statue” caught my eye for several reasons: While Sideshow does have WOW license, it has only released a grand total of one statue thus far- the Blood Elf Rogue VS Draenei Paladin Diorama- and this was not it. Another major eyebrow-raiser? This here mystery statue sold for $2000 (via best offer). By now perhaps your interest may be piqued as well.

It was quickly apparent that this was no Sideshow collectible at all, but instead a Weta one: A (looks like 1/6) scaled faux-bronze Orc Warrior on Wolf Mount statue of the life-size installation at Blizzard’s Irvine, CA campus, also by– you guessed it, Weta. Some very fine looking work courtesy of sculptors Eden Small and Daniel Cockersell.

The piece was given to Blizzard employees as a thank-you gift in 2007, which readily explains why such a rarely seen statue has an edition size of 2986. Being what it is, the act of ebaying it would seem to be somewhat of a faux pas.

wetablizz2 wetablizz1 wetablizz3

And now you know. I know I do!

4 Responses to “The Weta Statue You’ve Never Known”
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