Predator Diorama Exclusive | Artist: Gore Group | Edition Size: 600

Predator, like all things from that era, is a fond reminder of an 80′s childhood. It still holds up well as a great action thriller, a fact the farcical Alien vs. Predator abominations only serve to further remind. Poor kids today. However, the fact the two brawniest leads eventually went on to govern two of our great states is as remarkable as anything else to me. It just did not have that sort of deep-seated attachment on me.

Of course, as a movie creature, there are few more iconic this green blooded beast. It’s presence was what made it real. It was what made it scary. Pure Stan Winston magic.

There are those who know the proper cranial measurements of the Predator, the precise curvature of the helm prop, or know the Predator’s skin markings by heart.

….I’m not that person.

What I can tell you is that this diorama’s got a great pose, a proper looking, thematically fitting base, and a great overall composition. You get all of the trademark weird alien gadgets, and changeable helmed and unhelmed heads (for the exclusive). It’s greatly successful in the fact that you don’t feel short changed at all for your investment of a buck fifty.

Surprising detail #1: The trophy skulls are not sculpted but strung individually on a string. Ditto the spine decoration.

Surprising detail #2: The hair-thin pieces of wire that protrude throughout the piece.

Considering that this piece is probably 1/8 or 1/9 scale (or smaller?), this is really incredible. Risky, but incredible. By the same token, sacrifices were necessary on account of size, like the missing quills on his forehead. Still, these are little unexpected touches that elevate an excellent sculpture by the Gore Group (do they ever disappoint?)

The fact that it comes separated from the Predator logo base as consideration for those who wish to wall mount this is rather ingenious too. There are lots of things going on here, and all of it works.

It doesn’t take an expert to know that there are other larger, more elaborate, ‘better’ alternatives of the creature out there. A few of them already released by Sideshow. That’s not really the audience this (or the upcoming Predator 2 diorama) caters to.

Practically speaking, I don’t much want a small refrigerator-sized tribute to the Predator, or the costs associated. And if you’re of the same mindset (a casual fan or one who simply can’t afford the larger beauties), in many ways, this is exquisitely perfect.

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Predator Diorama Exclusive | Photographs: © Charles Song


  • Predator Diorama
  • Make: Sideshow Collectibles
  • License: Predator
  • Artists: Martin Canale, Jeronimo Duarte Arjerich, Manual Silva, Martin Demonte, Leonardo Silva, Gustavo Gonzalez, Tom Gilliland, Anthony Mestas, Darth Rimmer, The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team
  • Retail Price: $149.99
  • Edition Size: 600 Exclusive | 1750 Regular
  • Scale: 1/9 (estimate)
  • Type: Polystone diorama
  • Purchase Options: Sideshow Collectibles | Ebay

6 Responses to “One Ugly Mother……”
  1. figurefreaks says:

    The coolest pics. I have seen of this beauty Chuck …exelent.

    Can’t wait to get this.

    Tom. :-)

  2. Terry says:

    Now that IS awesome. It’s a rare thing for you to pick up a collectible these days, isn’t it, Chuck?

  3. Charles Song says:

    A bit, yeah. I manage a few here and there though.

  4. Felmar says:

    Great review Chuck! So what would’ve made this thing a 5 rather than a 4.5 ?

  5. Charles Song says:

    Well I do have to say I’m not fond of big logos on bases, and this certainly has a prominent one. It’s not much to detract from though, and the fact that you can detach it to wall-mount acquits it very well.

    There’s also a seam (that’s quite to notice at all unless you are nose deep) where presumably the arm is attached during assembly.

    Small things. It would not have been controversial to give it a 5 either. Strong, strong piece.

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