If there is a science to the aftermarket game in collectibles, wisdom would surely point to Sideshow’s Darkness Premium Format as a shoo-in for achieving the coveted ‘grail’ status, or something close to it. It’s a great character design that tends to resonate with all geeks, whether or not they were particularly enamored with Legend, or even seen it. Praised by all from glimpse one through production, it’s a wonderfully executed showpiece for the Premium Format. To cap things off, Sideshow ensured success by imbuing it with that attribute synonymous with grails- a low edition size of 500 (for the exclusive).

So it is with some surprise that browsing Sideshow’s In-Stock section I find that the exclusive has come back for sale a good half a year after they’ve first arrived at their warehouses. While, oddly enough, the regular edition remains sold out. Naturally, curiosity took me to ebay where again I was surprised to find no recent completed sales for the exclusive. The handful of regular edition sales point to more or less an even hold on the value– the one lowball sale at $215 skewed the average a bit considering there were only three total sold auctions. So what happened?

Cult classics will be cult classics I guess.

  Exclusive Regular
Edition Size 500 750
Retail Price $350 $350
Announced/Shipped Feb/Dec 07 Feb/Dec 07
Still In-Stock? yes no
Current Ebay Average N/A $315.81

Valuation: -10%

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3 Responses to “Market Watch: Darkness Premium Format”
  1. oldduffer says:

    That ol’ debil’ just ain’t gettin’ da love …………….. I blame it on Tom “I’m so happy” cruise because I know it wasn’t Mia! :)

  2. Felmar says:

    This PF is not doing too well…but perhaps it will take a little more time. The bust is def. a different story.

  3. Charles Song says:

    Thanks for the tip, hadn’t looked at the story with the bust at all yet

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