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Board Name Total posts Total members Average Most active poster Started Admin
Statue Forum 1201894 8443 142 d rod 04 d rod
Sideshow Freaks 488947 2199 222 The Josh 04 DStephan
The Shadow and Flame 212696 392 453 LOTR Fan 05 Charles Song
Gentle Giant Collectors 123023 2977 41 Cirielle 06 yoda027
LOTR Guide 312409 2519 124 Dunedain87 02 Gothmog
WetaHolics 6380 692 9 Eleventy1 06 michael
Rebel Scum 3864309 16571 233 GNT 00 Philip Wise 3254386 54530 60 ? ? ?
Sandtroopers 138603 2532 55 Lt. Starfox 00 Darth Spice
Yodas News 162287 2693 60 yoda027 04 yoda027

thanks for the backup

Lay down your lightsabers, spartan shields and Glamdring replicas: this isn’t actually a battle. I have mutal respect for all the great boards listed. See this instead as just a fun collection of stats (yes, I did just use “fun” and “stats” in the same sentence!), especally as many of you post on one or more. Most of the stats are pretty self-explanatory; “Average” is total posts divided by total members. “?” means “I don’t really know”. If you are the admin/mod or just someone who happens to know, drop me a comment and I’ll add it. Think another board belongs there? Do likewise.

Update: more boards added

  • leaves the “total posts” competition in the dust, with Statue Forum coming somewhat close
  • The Shadow and Flame has the highest average (yay!)
  • (bonus stat) The overall top 3 most active posters are as follows: d rod (35,150), Bullseye (29,220), The Josh (24,838)
  • 4 out of 6 admins based their nick on their real names. d rod is the only admin who is the most frequent poster on his board (although if that is an enhanced count is unclear)
  • Boards with official support: (duh), WetaHolics (Weta-operated), Gentle Giant Collectors (Gentle Giant), Statue Forum (at least in some capacity with Bowen and others), The Shadow and Flame (none), Sideshow Freaks (at least in some capacity with Sideshow), LOTR Guide (none), Rebel Scum (unclear), Yoda’s News (unclear)
  • Until the rest of the unknowns can be fleshed out, LOTR Guide wins the geezer award, with its beginnings in 2002

And here are all of the boards linked in alphabetical order. On the off-chance you’ve never heard of any of them before, you have a lot of reading to do:

Gentle Giant Collectors
Lord of the Rings Guide
The Shadow and Flame
Statue Forum
Yoda’s News

7 Responses to “Battle of the the Boards!”
  1. Josh (jlcmsu) says:

    Those are some cool stats. Thanks 4 doing that chuck. I’ve got another site you can add to it.

    Here’s the link to the forum and the link 2 the stats page.

  2. Charles Song says:

    I can’t access the stats, being as I’m not a member, if you want to email them to me I’ll add them to the chart.

  3. Josh (jlcmsu) says:

    I’ll PM ya the stuff over at SSF.

  4. bullhorsetook says:

    Good stuff Chuck. Interesting read.

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