Racking up nearly $200 million in box office reciepts in a weekend– not too shabby for the ‘Superhero Team-Up Of A Lifetime’. Is Warner Bros. and DC paying attention?

As one would expect, Hot Toys and Sideshow have plenty of merchandise on hand to celebrate this once unthinkable union of cinematic super mash-ups. Although the big green fella is late to the party, you can also find a teaser pic of Hot Toy’s Ruffalo / Avenger’s Hulk here in addition to Sideshow’s teaser for their upcoming Hulk maquette.

Avengers Captain America
Avengers Thor
Avengers Hawkeye
Avengers Nick Fury
Avengers Black Widow
Avengers Hulk Maquette

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Spooktacular 2011

Another year, another Spooktacular. As usual, Sideshow seems to have given an obscene amount of swag to its eager participants, and used the opportunity to announce a slew of new products. LOTR fans were thrown a bone with the Ringwraith maquette, and the lack of other announcement comes as little surprise. The 2011 event was definitely Star Wars-centric with not only the Grand Moff Tarkin PF, Asajj Ventress life-size bust, and Holiday Yoda figure (based on a Ralph McQuarrie Christmas card from 1981), but also an insane life-size Darth Malgus statue from Bioware’s Old Republic (SWTOR) video game. Really?

Other notables include a Batman 1:1 bust, Colossus premium format, yet another Predator statue, Angel (Buffy) maquette, and a set of Alien busts.

Did you win anything?

Sideshow Ringwraith maquette
Sideshow Buffy Angel PF
Sideshow Predator statue
Sideshow Grand Moff Tarkin PF
Sideshow Holiday Yoda figure
Sideshow Asajj Ventress life-size bust
Sideshow Alien busts
Sideshow Colossus PF
Sideshow Batman life-size bust

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Ringwraith maquette

As has been surmised, Sideshow has chosen their spookiest event of the year to unleash the Ringwraith maquette. The exclusive accoutrement is the alternate hand holding the Morgul-blade dagger that gave Frodo a case of the fits. This statue depicts the Witch-King, but now back in his more plainly appointed garb of tattered black sheets (looking much like his fellow Nine). Isn’t great- and surprising- that companies are still making LOTR movie statues 10 years later (and that there is a market for them)? There and back again indeed.

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Inside Look: Statues

Sideshow’s Spooktacular 2011 has just kicked off– an annual tradition where much swag can be won by dedicated collectors. In the spirit of that, we here at The Shadow and Flame are giving away a great prize of our own– Sideshow’s Gollum premium format.

Click through to find out all of the entry details. Participate daily to boost your chances!

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Comic ConSideshow LOTR Arwen

Sideshow’s next maquette, Arwen, is set to pre-order Thursday, Sept 1st. In the meantime you can preview this piece in the 12 image gallery Sideshow has put up.

The exclusive version features a switch out portrait including her Evenstar necklace and the scar on her cheek from the Ringwraith chase scene.

Of course, we have high resolution Comic-Con 2011 photos for you posted on our forum and in our gallery to help you decipher whether you feel she suffers a wonky eye, pale lips, or some other unusual malady before you plunk down your hard earned deposit for this Elven princess.

ES: 500 (exclusive) | Price: $249.99

High resolution Comic-Con pics posted in our forum! Click through!

Sideshow LOTR Arwen maquette SDCC pics

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Inside Look: Statues
Inside Look: Statues

I still don’t know which “Toy Fairs” is referred to in the press for these figures, but it’s apparently not 100% strict in the definition as both the Batman Begins Bruce Wayne and the Shadow Predator figures will be available for order this Friday at Sideshow. Check their posting for times.

Don’t forget these other recent Hot Toy figures that have gone up for pre-order recently. As well as the new Sideshow X Hot Toys collaboration announced for Star Wars. These boys have been busy.

Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman
Hot Toys Avatar Jake Sully
Hot Toys Captain America
Hot Toys Thor
Hot Toys Spider-Man
Hot Toys Predator

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Comic ConSideshow LOTR Snow Troll

Up for pre-order today, Sideshow’s Snow Troll statue from The Lord of the Rings: War in the North video game. Indicating the wintery northern climes, the troll is decked out with various animal hides and bones whilst dwarf lord Gimli is caught in his grasp, all on top of a snowy base. Other than that, it looks remarkably similar to the original Weta Cave Troll.

Nevertheless, this slightly odd one-off (unless more LOTR: WOTN statues are to be announced) sculpted with great detail by Andy Bergholtz has plenty of people excited, despite not being from the films. And the price is also favorable, being not much more than its predecessor from years ago at $325.

Of course, we have high resolution Comic-Con 2011 photos for you posted on our forum and in our gallery. Decide if this beast is for you.

ES: TBD | Price: $324.99

High resolution Comic-Con pics posted in our forum! Click through!

Sideshow LOTR Snow Troll SDCC pics

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Henry Cavill Superman

Superman does love to tear himself through vaults doesn’t he? Henry Cavill in The Man of Steel reboot of the franchise by Zack Snyder. The only thing I don’t like is the scale/pattern on the suit, which is actually even more pronounced than the Brandon Routh version. Why?

Get used to it- we’ll be seeing countless statues, busts, Hot Toys figures of this guy for years to come. (though oddly, we only really saw Superman Returns collectibles from Weta. Curious.)

Image via joblo.com (click for super big image)

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Comic Con

Check out Quantum Mechanix’s Enterprise Refit Artisan Replica, as displayed at Comic-Con. Forum member Rook remarks, “I will be selling a good portion of my collection in order to pay for this.” Check out his gallery of photos below.

ES: 250 | Price: $4,995

High resolution Comic-Con pics posted in our forum! Click through!

qmx enterprise refit

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Weta Orthanc

[Update: Orthanc is now available for pre-order]
This new iteration of Saruman’s temporary abode was one of Weta’s big surprises for this year’s Comic-Con. And in more ways than one– even though I’ve not owned the original, there was no question that this new tower was quite a bit larger. Modelmaker Dave Tremont tells me he’s devoted 400 hours in its building. I believe him. You can see a great comparison shot from Weta with ‘the two towers’ posted here on our forum.

Of course the main point of differentiation here is the fact that this is a pre-ruin depiction. With the lush grounds of Isengard before things hit the fan. Orthanc here rises above a canopy of trees. Pre-orders open July 31.

Also read Part 1 of The Making of Orthanc as it chronicles the great Dave Tremont’s process in creating this environment. With amazing pics of the “Bigature”!

ES: 400/Open | Price: $249.99

8 pics posted in our forum! Click through!

Weta Orthanc

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